Welcome to Stupipedia!

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Stupipedia is the opponent of Wikipedia. Here, as the name may suggest, we aim to provide funny content for entertainment, by either taking Wikipedia articles and making them "stupid" or making new "stupid" articles which aren't in or can't make it into Wikipedia. Thanks to AI like ChatGPT and DALL·E, making such articles is now extremely easy; feel free to use AI here whenever you want.

Stupipedia has been heavily inspired by the discontinued German Stupidedia (note the first d); you may want to check out that website first (translate the website if needed).

This site is new and still under construction, and any help is heavily appreciated. Please help by creating funny articles, adding new stuff to existing articles, correcting syntactical errors, making the site look better with templates (you can just copy templates from Wikipedia and modify them if needed) etc. Please keep everything halal.

To create a new article, modify the following URL and open it in a browser: https://stupipedia.org/stupi/<ARTICLE_NAME>

We currently also need administrators who manage the site, so if you want to become an admin, please start a discussion on Stupipedia talk:Administrators with your username as the title (one discussion per candidate) and explain why you want to become an admin here and what you want to do as an admin.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please leave a message on the founder's and current sysadmin's talk page (User talk:Cyber One) or send him an email.