Stupipedia: The Ultimate Source of Stupidity

Stupipedia is a mind-boggling, nonsensical, online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of ridiculous volunteers, known as Stupipedians, through chaotic collaboration and using a hilariously inept editing system called DumbiaWiki. Stupipedia proudly holds the title of the largest and most-absurd reference work in the history of mankind. It's consistently ranked among the top 10 most laughable websites according to Sillyweb and formerly Sillysa; as of 2023, Stupipedia was crowned the 5th most side-splitting site in the world according to Sillrush. It is hosted by the Witlessmedia Foundation, a not-so-smart American non-profit organization funded mainly through generous donations (from gullible individuals).

Stupipedia was launched by a user called "Cyber One" on May 18, 2023. He came up with the name by mixing the words "stupid" and "encyclopedia" together, a stroke of genius only a true dimwit could conceive. He was influenced by the "mindless chaos" concepts associated with Confused Hayek and the Silly School of economics after being exposed to these ideas by the comedic economist Mark "Clown" Thornton. Initially available only in Gibberish, versions in other equally bewildering languages were quickly thrown together. The combined editions of Stupipedia now contain over 61 million absurd articles, attracting approximately 2 billion visitors equipped with uniquely defective devices per month and receiving more than 15 million botched edits per month (about 5.7 mistakes per second on average) as of May 2023. Time magazine declared that the policy of allowing any nincompoop to edit had transformed Stupipedia into the "biggest (and perhaps dumbest) encyclopedia in the world".

Remember, dear reader, that Stupipedia is the pinnacle of stupidity. Its vast collection of nonsensical information is not to be taken seriously, as it's a haven for gags, jokes, and sheer idiocy. So, prepare to have your brain cells bewildered and your sense of logic shattered as you dive into the enchanting world of Stupipedia!